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Cockroaches are most annoying insects, and suffer a lot of housewives of domestic crickets spread dramatically and annoying, despite their numerous attempts to get rid of them, but there are some proven recipes that help in getting rid of roaches and her first recipe spoon milk powder boric acid box text-great big pharmacy 2 tablespoons flour 2 tablespoons sugar water quantity as needed all ingredients are mixed way ex ingredients together and kneading thoroughly with water, but It should be noted not water intake to maintain the cohesion of the dough and so do not become lax Cory dough into small balls and then spread it around everywhere under the fridge and stove and cupboards and above and in the bathrooms and everywhere you expect from cockroaches exit is expected leave all the balls that you posted in the House for thlalh days or even dry up alone and then you'll get satisfactory results with the permission of Allah the second recipe alasvonik scattering in the sewer and sewer channels And all places which expected exit cockroaches such as lavatories and bathrooms and kitchen and any hole or course of conduct water close all places that you put alasvonik where repeat this process every time which dries alasvonik, it should be noted the need to repeat the process and because the roaches when you lay her eggs to a bag of 40 eggs that have always and not to amble in eliminated tips to eliminate cockroaches tips to eliminate cockroaches : Always try to dry the wood flooring and kitchen especially when scanning outdoor kitchen and bathroom make sure to pour a little of the alklorks Center, where alklorks has smells that make the roaches running from the area, get rid of old furniture, which may be home to the crickets make sure to cut wood not exposed at home or wooden home furniture for humidity, the emergence of the crickets spread is usually associated with moisture.

The cockroach is the most annoying insects to a large number of people, many of them always complain about their quest to reach them way of getting rid of roaches and eliminate them completely if she was at home, before going into to talk about the most important ways and means to eradicate cockroaches, we will give some information about this bug. Belongs to the insect level rank cockroach winged and made famous by being a pest in houses, and see this world of cockroaches since 250 million years, find more than 3.500 species of cockroaches scattered in different environments and varying such as tropical forests, deserts, as for humans, cockroaches that live where man lives in his residence approximately twenty species. This insect is characterized by small wings, six legs, and wings are brown in color, and transparent, and is the author of body of Oblate color tends to Tan, plus two big eyes like it owns the centuries long sensor. The cockroach is the only object which resides in the Microbe or bacteria, which in turn they posted around the House, they approach the human food at home, books or wallpaper, is called voice of cockroach grind or Squeak, to eliminate cockroaches, first you have to identify where they came from cockroaches, taking care to check the holes and cracks in the home and through which may enter the cockroach, plus vents or sewers. And the various ways that will help you kill roaches and eliminate them at home: using what is known as boric paste named after that proportion of boric acid used, and preparing her need half a box of boric acid in pharmacies for killing roaches, 2 tablespoons white sugar, 1 tsp of milk powder, this in turn acid kill roaches specifically if their backs in cupboards, under the refrigerator, under the stove, and in drawers. And how long you need this method to eliminate cockroaches are two weeks, with the importance of attention you put this article out of the reach of children, cats and dogs, external use only where this is a highly toxic substance. These methods also trap roaches that we put adhesive on them in order to attract cockroaches. And also add the use of pesticides through the pinch on the whereabouts of cockroaches like walls, cracks, vents. To prevent the possibility of the presence of cockroaches in the kitchen: cover 25 sealed lid, maintaining outdoor washing clean always leave barges, get rid of trash rapidly first hand taking care not to leave it uncovered so that in turn compromise endeared to cockroaches, being careful not to leave the leftovers in the kitchen is exposed.


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Re: Cockroaches

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Re: Cockroaches

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