How to eliminate cockroaches

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How to eliminate cockroaches

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How to eliminate cockroaches crickets of the oldest living things on Earth, estimated at more than 50 million years earlier than 10 times human existence, a straight back and insect wings with an estimated number of legs at the foot of his legs and feelers and reproduce via eggs and eats anything matched by live in sewers, drainpipes, often in dirty places and centuries sensors when the male is responsible for knowing the needs of female cockroach to intercourse and it happens that the female's horns mention cockroach yltkottha smell sensors The female lays eggs is practical, amazingly enough the female once she met mentioning once fit for bleaching over her life and there are more than three thousand types of cockroaches around the world and frequently in warm regions and cockroaches coming from her clearly hear voices at night to sleep and calm voice is called balarer and the voices that sounds annoying too much us and infect other nervous to hear is the peak activity of the cockroach mating process after laying eggs in the crevice digs cockroach graduated small insects which have yet to reach the stage The cockroach has no wings in Howrah according to description of biologists and after several withdrawals up to stage the cockroach, the cockroach can live in all atmospheres and his estimated speed of six kilometers per hour and it can compress his body so that he could enter into any crack to escape and eat anything, and can bear hunger for long periods, so the idea of extinction was unacceptable to tolerate living under any pressure and any circumstances for variation and diversity of their food they accept any food, therefore no complexes companies and chemical research laboratories Ways to get rid of those pesky insect, cockroach and disgusting and opposing a lot in our lives, there are scientific recipes conjured up by laboratories and chemists and popular recipes are conjured up by perfume or legacy innovations by housewives and many people see the diverse and widespread pesticide undesirable markets of acrid smell and some thought it hurt people and have many negative damage and use manual manufacturing methods at home and often come with a good result here one way known as houses to bring material (boric acid) ( Sugar) (careful) (powdered milk powder milk) and put that mixture smoothly to form the dough preparation: put half a pack is present in pharmacies boric depending on size that big or that a average fleet size kitchen was number two large sugar number two large flour spoon number two large powder milk and spoon are confused with water add water to make the mixture smooth and looks like dough and does not ask that wrong and made it into little balls and throws in their expected places as down the stove and the refrigerator and inside Closet pots there are doing a dry mixture in powder form and often comes with the result but the detective is the best dough is mixing acid with a paste boiled potatoes with some egg yolk and butter yellow and powdered milk and make small balls and used as previously explained with sugar, flour and paste feature that way there is no smell of articles consisting of dough are unobtrusive. There are some other ways that it is better to fight the whereabouts wetgmaaathm by petroleum plaguing cockroaches smothered meaning trapping escape route and eliminate it by throwing a quantity of diesel in manholes in the toilets to close them way back and then starve, be killed the way however you fancy by pesticides or kill them manually using an instrument multiply certificates by the aforementioned dough there are ways to get rid of roaches by herbs and using a mixture of baking soda and sugar And powder their workshops per week with close all exits to cockroaches and develop accurate wire holes on Windows helps not to enter the House and there is a way to put the beads of eucalyptus or drops of Abu walviks axe containing camphor in all the drawers and the bottom freezer and in places where, in the bathroom to avoid those bugs stink advised cleanliness and close all ports that help alidkholhm

Cockroaches follow cockroaches to insects with wings, a platoon of crickets, grasshoppers, and was known to man for millions of years and have a huge number of different types and multiple environments, including living in desert environments and others in the tropical rain forest. Cockroaches are pests that harm humans, where they like to live in places where human exists as a home and you mess with his task such as leaves and wood furniture, in addition to the nutrition of human food, the presence of cockroaches in the House cause concern and disgust, but how to eliminate cockroaches and final disposal? How to eliminate cockroaches mentioned earlier that cockroaches from pests that afflict humans, and are the source of transfer of microbes and destroyed most of the important stuff possessed, and the best ways to eliminate crickets and enjoy a quiet life free from worry and inconvenience, are as follows: pesticides: when you buy a custom alaboah to kill bugs must first follow the instructions and the instructions on the packaging from the outside, then select the places where cockroaches at home, such as cracks and holes in the walls, and sprinkled in quantities Are sufficient. Boric acid: boric acid is used by preparing a simple dough ingredients and a tablespoon of boric acid is added by 2 tablespoons of flour and one tablespoon of cocoa powder, and mix the ingredients to become a paste with the need to follow the instructions on the packaging boric acid,
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